Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Maria Felix Young - Textile Designer

As I was looking through Mary Katrantzou's Autumn/Winter 2012-13 Collection for image for my blog post on her here, I noticed that some of her architectural pieces reminded me of Maria Felix Young's Graduate Collection.

I went to University with Maria and was always incredibly jealous of her amazing talent and beautiful illustrations. Her graduate collection, inspired by the hidden beauty of Renaissance Architecture and illustrated botanicals, evolved into an inspiring and unusual collection of printed fabrics.

Maria talks more about her textile collection on her Artsthread page:

"My inspiration began with a stimulating and spontaneous trip to Rome, where I explored the structure, from and textures of carved stone. Further studies involving historical documents of architecture and delicate botanical illustrations, I found they worked in harmony to transform into a unique collection of desirable fabrics.

A combination of hand drawn architectural plans, silhouettes and surface paintings provoked a variety of effective ideas for a challenging, fashionable womens wear collection. My travels around the world influence my creative imagination that compliments the future of my designs."

See Maria's Artsthread page here.

Mary Katrantzou - Autumn/Winter 2012-13 RTW Collection
It was these beautiful pieces that reminded me of Maria's Renaissance Architecture inspired prints.

Maria's Graduate Collection 2012
Please admire Maria's great talent and what wonderful similarities her prints have to Mary Katrantzou's architectural pieces.

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