Thursday, 12 July 2012

Graduate Profile: Shayna Begum

Another great Graduate Profile to follow on from my New Designers 2012: My Selection post (see here). Shayna's illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! It was her adorable hedgehog illustrations on her business card that first caught my eye, and after spotting more of her work on the stand it was clear to see she had amazing talent. Here, Shayna speaks about her graduate collection and what she's up to now.

Name: Shayna begum 
Age: 22 
Course: Printed Textile Design
University: University of East London

What was your concept for your graduate collection?

The concept of my project was 'fantasy forest' based on animal wildlife. 

What is the key feature in your graduate collection?

The key feature was to encompass my key style which is to illustrate animals using geometric patterning and layering to become something new and exciting.

How would you describe the way you work?

The way I work is quite simply draw, draw and draw! Me and my trusty set of pens constantly try to come up with new animals, however some work, some don't. I also believe that music is a constant companion and can affect the way I draw, for example if I listen to classical music I feel calm peaceful and take my time with my work, but if I'm listening to rock the work becomes fast and about mark making. 

What inspired you to study Textiles?

I was inspired to do textiles, quite simply, to create patterns! I really do love it. 

Did you collaborate with any artists/designers/companies or complete any work placements during your time at university?

I did only one placement at Pattern Textiles, a fashion print design company based in Shoreditch in London, sadly I did not do anymore due to lack of time. 

What inspires you?

Nature! It's beautiful, fantastic and breathtaking. I find it amazing that not one tree in this world can be identical, and I find it disappointing that a lot of people do not appreciate it more often. I also love animals including my little birdie called Mr Spikey. 

Who are your favourite artists/designers/companies?

My favourite artist is a lovely wood engraver called Thomas Berwick; his work is beautiful. Also, Timorous Beasties and Louise Tiler.

What's next??

I'm currently starting to freelance for Bay and Brown! I'm also waiting to hear back from a bunch of other numerous companies including John Lewis. But i would like to say that New Designers was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to everyone to exhibit!! 

Where can we see more of you?

Twitter: ShayShay1555 

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