Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Graduate Profile: Eline Le Callenec

Following on from my post about my favourite designs at New Designers 2012 Part One, I decided to create a few Graduate Profiles. 

A small interview with Eline Le Callennec starts us off:

Designer Details:
Name: Eline Le Callennec
Age: 29
Course: Textile Design
University: London Metropolitan University

What was your concept for your graduate collection?

My project confronts the impalpable and the touchable. I wanted to translate into textile something that is not tangible, something that cannot be touched as the movement and the shapes of an explosion or atomic reaction. I experimented ink into water and I captured moments of this particular reaction.
I took my inspiration from the mirror of my bathroom where there is a beautiful silver missing part that pictures an explosion shape, like frozen in the glass.

What is the key feature in your graduate collection?

The design outcomes feature movements that have been stopped in their course but that still appears in movement.
My collection features illustrations, application onto fabric via screen printing and digital printing combined with embroidery, experimental fabric manipulation and plastic manipulation. 

How would you describe the way you work?

I am organised. Once I chose my concept I collect inspiring images, I take photographs and collect relevant bits and pieces of my experiments. I then pin them on boards and start putting ideas together. This way it is easy to see what visually works and what doesn’t. I then prepare a mood board that contains the shapes and colours I want to work with. I like colours, textures and contrasts so I try out a lot of different combinations before coming to a final decision.This is an important stage of the work because I can anticipate problems before making the final pieces.  

What inspired you to study Textiles?

As I remember I always had an interest in fabric and illustration from an early age. I worked in embroidery in Paris before I came to study in London and I wanted to learn how to print and learn to speak English. The BA in Textile was the perfect combination. 

Did you collaborate with any artists/designers/companies or complete any work placements during your time at university? 

I arrived in London 3 years ago ( I'm french ) and straightly applied for internships before starting my degree. I applied at Alexander McQueen and I spent 2 months there developing embroideries. The following year I applied for the Hand & Lock competition and I was shortlisted. Finally, I spent 4 months at Mary Katrantzou last summer where I was in charge of the embroidery team. I really enjoyed it and these experiences in industry are extremely valuable!

What inspires you?

The every day, colours, textures, travels, the invisible. Often, it's an encounter with some ancient things, found object or material.

Who are your favourite artists/designers/companies?

I love Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, Iris Van Herpen, Viktor & Rolf, Bjork, Kimiko Yoshida .... 

What's next??

I just finished my BA and it cost me money! So I am currently seeking a print or embroidery design role within a company and some collaboration with other designers.
Where can we see more of you?

Check my website: www.elinelc.co.uk 

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