Friday, 13 July 2012

Floral Friday: Chloe Rotherham

Chloe Rotherhams beautiful, intricate prints have won the space for my very first Floral Friday. 

I noticed Chloe's floral designs on the graduate portfolio website Arts Thread and fell in love with the sketchiness of her illustrations and the fantastic range of neutral and pastel colours she has used. Her graduate collection, 'Cottage Charm' is sweet, endearing and quintessentially British. 

Her Arts Thread introduction says:

"I am a surface pattern designer who has recently graduated form Leeds College of Art. I am deeply passionate about flowers. Flowers are delicate, intricate, beautiful and mood lifting; this being why i love to work with them. I aim to achieve calm, fresh and innovative designs suitable for paper based interiors and soft furnishings.

I love to draw observational studies and transfer these digitally to work with composition, colour and repeat. I have a strong Knowledge of both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I believe my style lends itself to florals, however I am capable of adapting my subject to set briefs."

Taking a look through several images of her work, Chloe talks about her collection.

"I aimed to  portray the elegance and beauty of the Rose with a calm yet fresh sense throughout this collection, capturing traditional and modernistic characteristics within my designs. My passion for florals is expressed through my love of country cottage gardens, especially the rose family. My work is predominantly designed for paper based interiors however, retains versatility for the use of soft furnishings and fashion fabrics.

I worked from traditional paintings of the Rose along with being inspired by work from William Morris. This helped to capture a luxurious vintage feel within my designs. However I still wanted my work to portray a fresh, clean finish, i feel my choice of colour palette helped achieve this. I feel my choice of subtle, neutral tones work in hand with my style, complimenting the delicacy and intricacy of my drawings."

Take a look at Chloe's Arts Thread here and visit her Designer Facebook Page here.

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