Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Alexander McQueen Gummy Bear Dress for Twelv Magazine

Fashion Magazine editor at Twelv Magazine, Hissa Igarashi and his fashion assistant Sayuri Marakumi have recreated the famous Alexander McQueen 'Parrot' dress using 50,000 gummy bears.

Twelv magazine features the most dynamic mix of features including fashion reports, band reviews, actor interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage. They pride themselves on creating a fashion orientated magazine with a creatively common perspective and refined taste.

The gummy bear dress was created for a photo shoot and also to pay homage to the late designer Alexander McQueen. The dress took around three weeks to complete, using a steel wire twisted into the shape of a dress which was then covered in a sheet of vinyl. Slowly but surely, each gummy bear was hand glued onto the dress one by one.

The dress was inspired by the eccentric rainbow coloured 'parrot' dress from McQueens Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

According to Twelv, the finished dress weighs 220 pounds and requires the strength of three people to move!

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