Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Graduate Profile: Elisabeth Connor

Elisabeth Connors work is incredibly beautiful. Her gorgeous floral prints on soft, sheer materials give an air of elegance and class. 

I found her work at New Designers 2012 and featured her card on my post on my favourite designers at the exhibition, see here.

Elisabeth talks to me about her graduate collection, her style of working and what she's planning for the future.

Name: Elisabeth Connor
Age: 21
Course: Fashion Textiles
University: University of the West of England

What was your concept for your graduate collection?

It started with 1920s, using the image of dancer Margaret Severn floating down a windy beach as my muse and inspiration. I looked at Art movements of the time as well as the freedom for women of the time, represented by fashion and culture.

What is the key feature in your graduate collection?

My Kimono. The print is the most eye catching and as it walks down the catwalk I think it reflects the rest of the collection, ethereal and flowing but with a rich, luxurious quality.  

How would you describe the way you work? 

I think my style is classic and elegant. I like quality and finishing pieces intricately by hand. I like to use processes such as hand painting, drawing, needlework and dying to get the colours and patterns of my prints as well as using modern practises like Photoshop to digitise them into something unique. 

What inspired you to study Textiles?

Art. Paintings. Visualising wonderful pieces of art on fabric and the luxury of wearing them on the body.

Did you collaborate with any artists/designers/companies or complete any work placements during your time at university? 

I have recently collaborated with editorial photographer David Piper for two magazine shoots. In university I collaborated with a 3rd year photography student, Tiffany Davies for my photo shoot in a National Trust House in Bristol. I have also completed work experiences ranging from Harvey Nichols to Armondi. 

What inspires you?

Beautiful things. Embellishment. Tiny details which are brushed over. Hand crafted items. Art. History. Classic items seen through a contemporary perspective.

Who are your favourite artists/designers/companies? 

Stella McCartney, Erdem, Preen, Ellie Saab. Degas, Gaudi, Walter j Phillips, Helen Frankenthaler, Anna Dillon 

What's next?? 
I am currently looking at Internships with my favourite designers in London and abroad, looking at Australia for fashion and India for textiles. Until then I am working to pay off my collection! And continuing work on my portfolio, looking at a fresh topic of 1960s thrillers..

Where can we see more of you? 

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