Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Urban Geode Street Project: A Common Name

Paige Smith is the artist/graphic designer behind A Common Name. Her street art project named 'Urban Geode' caught my eye when I first saw it on the Plenty Of Colour site [http://plentyofcolour.com/] where I related it to my graduate collection EPOCH. 

The amazing 3D sculptures are placed in the Los Angeles area in small holes in buildings and pipes.

The three-dimensional paper shapes (created to look like geodes, crystal, quartz or other minerals) are so beautiful and look amazing in the gorgeous metallic colours. There is a spectacular purple and gold piece inside a post of some kind (bottom image) that actually inspired one of my later pieces in my collection, so I have that to thank Paige Smith for!

Below are some great images of the street art project. Smith says of her project: 

"A parallel aspect of these “geodes” in nature and in the city is they are always unexpected treasures. You might go hunting for treasures but you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment. I enjoy the fact that many people will not notice these, but some astute people will; that these will not last forever and the weather will affect them as naturally as it might in nature. So far I’ve made twelve—several have been trashed or taken away, and one has fallen apart due to rain."
(Text taken from A Common Name website: http://acommonname.com/street-art-project/)

(All images taken from A Common Name website: http://acommonname.com/street-art-project/)

Since the street art project, Smith has been working on a Giant Geode Installation at The Standard Hotel, Hollywood. On the A Common Blog [http://acommonblog.com/] I found a video of this amazing feature being created and installed. Take a look:


I hope you've enjoyed looking at Paige Smiths project, and if you'd like to see more of her work please visit her website at http://acommonname.com/ and her blog on http://acommonblog.com/.

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