Saturday, 23 June 2012

Stylist Magazine - Careers Advice

I happened to come across this fantastic website yesterday: Stylist Magazine. A free women's weekly magazine from London, UK, with articles on fashion, careers, current affairs, food and other lovely things. The website is great, with tonnes of pages and articles about anything you could think of - and it's extremely easy to navigate too! (something I always find frustrating about fancy websites is that I can't find what I want to.. keep websites simple!!!) 

The part of the website that caught my eye the most was the careers section. As a recent graduate I am extremely interested in any advice that can be given to me about starting up a new career. On this page, there was some really great business articles such as 'Top business tips from Karen Brady' (I think she's great), 'How to create an entrepreneur's CV' and 'Top tips for running a business', along with some great, more personal articles such as 'Are you a workaholic?', 'How to be funny at work' and 'The dangers of your daily fix'. 

The website also offers a 'Stylist Network', where Stylist Magazine holds many different flagship business events (six so far), all of which offer advice and encouragement to people interested in starting up a new career. With more advice articles on how to set up your own business, how to get published and how to invent your way to a new career, this section of the website is also a great read. The next event the magazine are holding is 'Run an outdoor business', so if you happen to want to do that, go ahead to the event!

For anyone just starting out to the business area of life, or for someone who wants to excel at what they do, these articles are really beneficial. I learnt a lot from a couple of them (I even took notes!).

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