Thursday, 21 June 2012

Alice Maughan - Graduate Fashion Week 2012

Everywhere I look when I've been researching Graduate Fashion Week, Alice Maughan from Kingston University has consistently caught my eye. Her eccentric and interesting collection featured dresses looking not too dissimilar from your Grandma's curtains. Hideous, you say? No, it's not. The collection is amazing! 

Taking inspiration from her comic fascination with 'cat ladies', she has incorporated the eclectic, old-fashioned aesthetic of those environments and fused them with a modern, lighthearted twist. 

Her interest is not only in the obsession some people have with their felines, but the interiors of their living room. On her website, Maughan says of her work: 

"Home furnishings inspire the silhouettes and finishes; some are quite subtle and others create a surreal statement alongside an array of hand-illustrated prints, inspired by wallpapers, cats and trinkets. Each look features elements of matching and clashing, a tendency I identified through research and development of my concept. This is enhanced by the use of vintage furnishing fabrics alongside custom, modern materials."

Many of her looks in the collection feature jackets that have been inspired by the vintage sofas found in the infamous cat ladies' houses, and though they might sound like something a little too far-fetched, the end products are actually extremely beautiful. 

Being brought up by two trained illustrators as parents, it's no wonder Maughan is a whizz at illustration. All of the gorgeous cat drawings you see on five of her looks are illustrated by her, including a cat with a monacle. 

My favourite piece of the entire collection is a simple teal coloured dress with a repeated cat pattern as shown below. Though one of the less eccentric pieces of the collection, I would definitely wear this dress!

Please visit Alice Maughans website here:
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