Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HTC One Freefall Fashion Shoot

I saw the HTC One advert on television about a month ago and thought it was brilliant, not only because it highlights two of my great loves, fashion and photography, but how visually stimulating and engaging it was.

I love the concept around it and how they've created the experiment. 

The advert sends Nick Jojola, a second year photography student from Upland to Arizona to capture the perfect fashion photo during a tandem freefall with the new HTC One mobile phone, basically showing how well the phone works even in extreme conditions.


The HTC One Experiment

The Aim: Nick has to take the perfect fashion photo on an HTC One phone in freefall.

The Apparatus: 1000 feathers, 50 mirrors, 4 lights, a C-130 Hercules, 4 canisters of smoke, a model who skydives and an HTC One phone.

The Method: We gather the best skydiving team in the world. Nick will be falling at tandem at 126 miles per hour. The mode, Roberta Mancino, will be falling at 181 miles per hour. Therefore, Nick has 0.8 seconds to get the shot. We took a fashion designer and added a physics proffessor. Nick was asked to test the HTC One camera features he would need to get the perfect freefall photo. Low light capability for the dark jump. Video and photo to record the whole freefall and take stills at the same time. Instant capture to guarantee the perfect photo in time. Back light photography for when the sun is behind the model. Burst mode, keep pressing to take up to 99 shots in a reel. 

The Risks and Hazards: Like all good experiments, we came across some obstacles, phones dropped in testing, the jump taking it's hold and a crash landing. 

The Experiment: To see the results watch the commerical at


HTC One: The Experiment


The HTC One Freefall Fashion Shoot


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