Friday, 31 August 2012

Floral Friday: Jennie Louise Whitham - J.L.W Illustrations

This weeks Floral Friday is Jennie Louise Whitham aka J.L.W Illustrations. Her florals are incredibly sweet, cute and fun!

I love her choice of colour; mixing bright, eccentric colours with calm, pale backgrounds. The thing I love most about Jennie's floral designs is how lively they are and how mood lifting they are.

Here, Jennie speaks about her life as a designer and her hopes and aspirations for the future:

"I am a graduate of Leeds art College, I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. I have 3 children and a lovely Husband. I graduated in 2010 and have spent the last 2 years building on my portfolio, entering design competitions, and most recently I enrolled on 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' course, run by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls. It is an online course and I have completed module 1 and 2 so far. Module 3 begins next week. 

I am Geometric/floral obsessed and often (always) combine the two, my designs are usually of a vibrant colour palette and I absolutely love it. I tend to find the colours before I create the designs. I dont think I could ever work in monochrome, its almost against my nature :-) 

I would love to be represented freelance by a design company, ideally specialising in paper products, although I have been told by many that my designs are versatile and would work along a variety of mediums. I'm not adverse to taking on an in-house position if local to West Yorkshire as that is my future goal. 

I have also been selected to have 2 designs published in a new book due for release January, called Patternbase. That's my greatest design achievement so far."

To see more of Jennie, visit her blog here and follow her on twitter here


Hero Wintolo said...

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Hero Wintolo said...

nice design, would you visit me on