Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bananas in Pyjamas

The new pyjama trend for 2012 grows on me each time a new piece catches my eye. I first encountered the trend when I spotted Stella McCartney sporting one of her own dark blue paisley designs at the launch of the Team GB kit. At first look I wasn't too keen, but after more research into the trend and looking at the different ways many designers and shops have used it, I'm starting realise the trends full potential.

Whilst taking my weekly look on, I came across many pyjama trend items. My favourites by far were the tailored silk pyjama trousers and tops designed by Maarten Van Dor Horst for Lulu & Co. I love the two gorgeous hawaiian prints with black and white contrasting backgrounds, leaving the customer to choose whether to go full out on one print or mix it up with both.

Despite the pyjama trend being mainly based around large colour and print, I found this little treasure below and fell in love. The simplicity of the knitted black and white zig zag pattern really caught my eye. The blazer/trouser combo looks both fashionable and smart at the same time.

I always admit that I hate paisley print, but this blazer/shorts pyjama combo really stood out to me. I love how the trend doesn't have to be full length trousers! It brings out the more playful side to the trend, rather than the smart and sophisticated look.

After finding Stella McCartneys full collection for Spring/Summer 2012 to check out the rest of her pyjama designs, I decided that the design below was my favourite. I love the simple dotty print and the use of a beautiful bright colour for contrast, and the material looks gorgeous and light.

So there are some of my picks from the new pyjama trend for 2012, I can only imagine it's just going to get bigger and better!

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