Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask Review

With my most recent issue of Glamour Magazine (April 2012) I received a free sample of a Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask. I don't usually use free samples I get with magazines as I always seem to forget about them.. I always have the intention of using them and trying them out, so I put them somewhere safe and then find them 4 months later in the huge stash I left them in!

But alas! This time I have put the free sample to the test and this is my review.

As a quick background history, my hair is terrible for being dry and strawlike. It's difficult to manage and knots and matts like nothing else. Around 4 months ago I had my hair dip-dyed and so a lot of bleach was used in the process to get my gorgeous embre hair! But it's come at a price. The ends are even worse than ever before, and even after getting it cut about 2 inches shorter, it didn't really help all that much.
I use Herbel Essences on my hair because it's cheap and it smells quite nice and fruity! But I know it's not great. Even when I use ridiculous amounts of conditioner my hair still doesn't feel amazing.

So, I've tried and tested the Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask and this is my verdict: it's great.

I used my normal Herbel Essences shampoo (because I have no other shampoo...) and then masked my hair in the Percy & Reed conditioner. I ran my fingers all through my hair and rubbed the product around a little, then tied it up on a bun on the top of my head and continued to have my shower. I didn't leave it in for the full 10 minutes like it advises you too, but then again I didn't get out the shower and wrap my hair in a towel either!

I left in in for around 5 minutes and as soon as I began rinsing it out I could feel the difference. Even when my hair was soaking wet it was a lot easier to run my fingers through my hair and there seemed to be less tangles. I've literally just dried my hair now, and it feels amazing. I've not even brushed my hair (I seem to have misplaced my hair brush..) but my fingers go through with ease. It feels extremely soft from root to tip - something I've not felt in a long while! And.. it smells lovely!

The bottle states that the 'deep, indulgent treatment' helps to restore your hair's vitality, makes it soft and more manageable. This much is true! It also tells you that it's 'enlisted marshmellow to lend a hand nourishing and strengthening stressed tresses, and coconut oil for deep conditioning and moisturising'. Marshmellow?? Very interesting.

Perhaps the wonderful instant feel of the conditioner is a short lived thing, but if you have the money to put this lovely stuff on your hair every week, you'd never have horrible knotty hair!

RRP is £20 for 175ml

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