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Summer Trend Alert: My voice on Glamour Magazines article.

Magazine: Glamour
Issue: March 2012
Page: 156-164
Title: Summer Trend Alert... and how we'll be wearing each one

"From intricate paisley to bold Hawaiian florals, pretty patterns dominated the catwalk"

I'm not sure why, but I've always had an aversion to Paisley. I just hate it! So it makes me extremely sad that it's making a huge comeback in the fashion world. The main image on this page is a Paisley dress by Jil Sander and I have to admit I don't hate the print as much as I usually do. I think it has something to do with the fact that the teardrop paisley shapes aren't as frilly as they usually are and the pattern around them is a little less like normal paisley too. The colours are lovely too! Shame I'd never wear anything even close to a paisley print.

The Tropical print that is finding a home in fashion at the moment reminds me of the cute and slightly slap-dash comedy type print that was made up of fruit and vegetable prints last summer. When I think of typical tropical hawaiian shirts I think of middle-aged men wearing socks and sandals on their week-long summer holidays in Costa del Sol.. but weirdly enough I feel like the tropical trend will really catch on and we'll soon be seeing it on young women everywhere in Britain! (Especially when weather heats up to over 20 degrees and Britain suddenly thinks it's ok to ditch their entire winter wardrobe and strip off..)

"Sweet and romantic, yes, but this season it's also minimal, hi-tech and very cool"

SOFT: I've always thought that soft lace always looks a lot prettier than any other kind of lace, and I always thought it looks a lot nicer in plainer or pastel colours. Blacks and creams are my personal favourites, however I have never owned any item of clothing that has been lace. I do enjoy the sheer, see-through look that is very fashionable, but I prefer to execute that look with a chiffon blouse! This soft lace fashion is lovely, and can work so well on certain people. I'm just not one of those people.

MODERN: I enjoy seeing new patterns in the lace, but it's hard to create something innovative and exciting with something as simply beautiful as lace. Lace florals are so great and traditional, I just feel the lace can sometimes be ruined when the 'modern' take on it is created. Again, it's the colours for me too. I feel they are too bright and childlike.

NB: I really love the Preen top used in the main photo on this page! The colours are beautiful and I've totally fallen for the pixelated squares.

"Sugary macaroon hues and cool ice-cream shades make for a mouth watering palette"

SWEET: I've always loved pastels, but this certain type of top is too girly for me. If you're a really cute, girly girl or a 1950's enthusiast then these kind of tops would really suit you, unforunately for me that's not the case! They remind me a lot of Zooey Dechanel in 'New Girl'.

SIMPLE: The simple pastels are much more my thing. I've fallen in love with the duck egg blue cotton vest top from Comptoir des Cotonniers and the peach cotton trousers from Reiss! The clean cut but beautiful clothes work so well with the gorgeous pastel colours to create a smart and sophisticated but happy and fresh look.

"From sequins and see-through layers to iridescence, there's a shimmer in the air this spring"

IRIDESCENT: I can't quite make my mind up about the iridescent trend. On one hand, some of the garments designed are absolutely beautiful, but others just make me feel a little bit ill. Take the pleated skirt from Miss Selfridge; the colours are beautiful and has just the right about of sheen and sparkle, however the silk-mix shirt from Sportmax looks more like a glorified bin bag. I imagine that material would feel awful against your skin and would get so sweaty! And no one likes being sweaty..

TRANSPARENT: In general, I do like the transparent trend, but the examples on this page don't do it justice! The blue chiffon prom dress from Love Label looks like something a little girl would wear to a wedding. And both the shirts look stiff and unflattering. The transparent garments I really love are made from beautiful flowing chiffon dresses, like the gorgeous pleated chiffon dress by Chloe in her Summer 2012 Runway Collection.

"Flat and boring is out - shape comes alive with frills, peplums and pleats galore!"

FRILLS: I've never been a fan of frills, unless they are on swimwear! Frills remind me of when I was about 13 and the horrible frilled, tiered skirts were really fashionable. I think this trend is another one I can't pull off because it is so girly!

PLEATS: I love pleats! Pleats can make an amazing print look even more beautiful, and I love the way pleated garments fall and look. Either used as decoration of a top or used fully on a whole garment, I think they look awesome. The new Prada dresses, shown on the large image on this page, have won my affection. The designs themselves are actually incredibly simple, but the pleats make the whole design look fantastic.

"Think Jazz Age flappers, a la Gucci, or '50's-stlye Sophia Loren at Dolce & Gabbana"

'20s: Love, love, love! I love the cuts, I love the beads and I love the colours. Beautiful, decadent golds, browns and coppers and rustic pinks to die for. The beaded shift dress from River Island is just amazing, and the Gucci flapper dress with the tassles is also so beautiful. I love the geometric gold design on it. It's just like Chicago with a modern twist.

'50s: Certain 50s looks are too girly for me, for example the cute cardigans, but the dresses with gorgeous sweetheart necklines, thick straps and hip-flattering skirts are right up my street. One day I will own one!!


FAVOURITE TREND: '20s and Pleats
HAS POTENTIAL: Transparent

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