Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Gok Wan: Made in China - Gok Wan: Made in China

I really loved this documentary on 4OD! Gok Wan travels all around China to find out what 'Made In China' truly means after getting it tattooed on the back of his neck two years before.

He visits a jeans manufacturer and finds that each and every pair of jeans is fully handmade! And these weren't even designer jeans! He then visits a bra manufacturer and discovers that no matter where the company gets their order from, be it Victorias Secret or Asda, the quality is all exactly the same. So no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a bra if you get a good fit at Asda!

He also finds himself in a town named 'Thames Town', where everything has been re-created from Britain. There are copies of old tudor houses with the black beams and so many other typically westernised buildings. There's even an exact copy of church from England which Gok describes as a 'flat pack church from Ikea'.

The information gathered from the documentary is great and I found it so interesting. You also get a look at an old Chinese tradition of burning paper models of items (luxury or not) that late family members would like to have with them in the afterlife. Gok visits his familys home town and offers his paper gifts for his late grandparents and uncle in their tomb-like area. All this of course is after a mildly amusing phone call from his father telling him what paper items to buy!

I seriously recommened you watch this, just to have a little look at where pretty much everything you own in the room you are sat in right now and the very clothes on your back came from!

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