Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mary's Bottom Line

This is a great documentary! Mary Portas has lost a few marbles, but I love her. She means business, doesn't take rubbish from anybody and she tells it how it is.

She's on a mission to reinvigorate the British trades and clothing industry, after years of it being lost and forgotten. In todays Britain, everything we purchase as consumers comes from everywhere but Britain! Factories have been forced to close down and made to buy from abroad to ensure their products are still just as cheap as they used to be.

So, Mary wants to bring back the British trades, and make a pair of pants that are fully British; British material, British Lace and even British workers, putting them back behind the sewing machines!

The documentary follows Mary as she sets up her new British business and her endeavor to find herself some hard-working employees. She finds herself standing face to face with Britains incredible unemployment statisics for young people. It's a really great insight to the reality we have to face in Britain.

So watch it! Despite there being some mildly depressing parts in it, Mary is fantastic and the whole documentary is extremely interesting.

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