Friday, 24 February 2012


I was having a quick look at Basso and Brookes Spring/Summer 2012 collection on their website when I came across the above orange placement print. It instantly reminded me of a screen print I had done in my second year of university.
My concept was "Poison Paradise'' and the imagery was based soley around dark birds (such as crows, magpies and ravens) and beautiful spider-like florals. I ended the project with around 6 or 7 prints that I really liked.
I remember quite liking this print, as it was one of my first ever placement prints. I loved the layering and how spiradic the print was, but my tutor thought differently and told me nobody would ever want to wear a placement print that was right over their stomach. She was probably right!
Basso and Brooke have a similar kind of exploding placement print, but they have placed the gorgeous print just above the stomach and focused more on the chest area. A beautifully executed placement print!
So there's my quick lesson in placement prints!

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