Sunday, 10 February 2013

I'm sorry...

Hello! Ok, so you may notice my last post was in October 2012. This, on my part, is not good! Unfortunately, I ended up getting very busy in the run up to Christmas and was working pretty much everyday, and by the time I got home I was too tired/didn't have the time/honestly couldn't be bothered to research and write a blog post. 

But! Christmas has passed, the goose (me) got fat and I turned a year older (and wiser...?)  and finally, after 3 long months, I have returned to my blog. Since it's now a new year and the world didn't end, I figured I'd have a little spruce up. The blog is looking very different and I'm loving it. After all, change is good. 

So, since I have enlightened your life with a photo of a ridiculously cute kitten asking for forgiveness, I too ask your forgiveness for not writing anything for a long time.

I've got some really lovely things to show you though, so keep your eyes peeled in the next coming weeks :)

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