Friday, 15 February 2013

Floral Friday: Kathryn Pledger

A long awaited Floral Friday has arrived as I introduce you to Kathryn Pledger.

Kathryn is a Graphic designer with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication. She has worked in Design Studios in Sydney, Dublin and London. Originally from Australia she is now based in London and pursuing her recent rediscovered love of surface pattern design, and freelancing in graphic design. 

"Creating surface pattern designs is a new and exciting venture for me. I have recently graduated from the online course The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, and I am developing my portfolio and style."

Kathryn's ditsy florals are cute, beautiful and up-lifting. A great juxtaposition of using lovely light, refreshing colours, to dark and moody paintily designs. 

Kathryn talks about her inspiration for her florals:

"Having only recently followed my pent up desire to create patterns florals, it seems to be what my creative streak wants to make. I find inspiration in all the wonderful public gardens London has. One of my favourites is Myatt's Fields Park in Camberwell, it has really beautiful and colourful planting and all the patterns you see (apart from the yellow ditzy print) are directly inspired from that garden over the course of a few month. The yellow ditzy print has a special place in my heart; its the first pattern I made since I was a teenager and its based on flowers I saw on my honeymoon."

Visit Kathryn's website here and follow her on Twitter @KathrynPledger.

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Kathryn Pledger said...

Hey Kate thanks for the lovely feature! Love florals Kx