Wednesday, 10 April 2013

H&M Conscious Collection: Don't let fashion go to waste.

Everyone in the entire textiles and fashion industry, in fact, just everyone should be giving H&M a huge round of applause, pat on the back and a triumphant trophy lift in the air.

Why? Because for one: they have set up their 'Conscious' collection which is using organic fabrics and using sustainable procedures in making their products and two: they are now collecting bags of used clothes (whether fit to wear or not) and are either re-using the clothes to help charities etc or recycling all unwearable fabrics to create new life for the fabrics.

Why has no company done this before? And why are H&M the only ones doing it?

I personally think this is amazing. Not only is the company putting the ethics back into fashion (don't get me started on sweater shops and fur coats), but they are making incredible sales too. Great move, H&M.

Just because it was so amazing and inspiring to read, below I have the H&M 'Conscious Actions Highlights 2012'. Please read it, it made me smile so much to know that a huge market leader in the fashion and textiles industry actually gave a damn about making the world a better place to live it! Hallelujah!

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