Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Coggles Wallpapers

I was introduced to the Coggles website last night by a friend and was amazed by some of the truly amazing things they have in the 'Home' section. 

Of course, I was instantly drawn to the wallpaper section and fell in love with three designs in particular. 

Number One: 'Carpe Noctem' by Barnaby Gates
"The lime green and gold wallpaper is a contemporary take on classic British heraldry and features soft metallic crests on a bold pinstripe background. Translation of the Latin mottos featured on the crests are; ‘Carpe Noctem’ – ‘seize the night’, ‘Floreat Domus’ – ‘may this house flourish’ and ‘Bovina Sancta’ – ‘holy cow!’ "

Number Two: 'This Other Eden' by Barnaby Gates
"The sepia wallpaper is made up of a collage of nostalgic British scenes, including war time imagery and classic country pursuits, all taken from original 19th and 20th Century sepia photographs. The wallpaper also features a vintage metallic gold finish."

Number Three: 'Ostrich' by Beware The Moon
"The brownstone wallpaper, symbolising denial, is an inventive twist on the traditional and features large hand drawn, gold leaf ostriches with buried heads."

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