Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tigerprint ''What Is Love?'' Competition

I entered the Tigerprint ''What Is Love?" competition with five small designs for Valentines Day 2013. I didn't enter to win, because I knew I wouldn't, I just did it for fun! Whilst in the midst of writing my dissertation I thought I deserved a break and decided to do some quick illustrations.
My favourite design is the glasses one. The inspiration came from how love is still present in relationships no matter how old they are. Eyesight getting worse is always something I hear older people talk about (I even start to know what they mean now.. sitting here squinting at my mac even with my glasses on! Perhaps it's time for a new eye test..) and I thought I'd play around with that, using an image of a pair of glasses and text from the eyesight test.
The text reads: Darling, could you read this card for me? My eyesight is not what it used to be, but darling, I still love you.

The winner and runners up were emailed out today. The winner was a girl named Cat with a gorgeous illustration of a couple kissing. A well deserved win I thought. Good Luck to Cat for when she does her two week placement at Tigerprint!!

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