Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nothing about Textiles, Design or Fashion... BUT..

Everybody has their own little obsession. Currently for me, it is pug dogs. I love pugs. They are so ugly that they are weirdly cute. I adore their smushy little faces and their curly tails.

The reason I write of pugs is because I have just become the proud owner of a pug purse. I'm not much of (and never have been) much of an accessories girl. I am extremely fussy over handbags and once the one I own is no longer fit to be seen it gets thrown away and ONE new one is bought. I have never owned more than one handbag at once. (That is of course excluding clutch bags!) I have had the same purse since I was around 16. That's over six years ago. I wear the exact same jewellery everyday; a necklace and two rings, all of which my mother has bought me.

Accessories have never been my thing and I don't know why! However, after hitting the jackpot with the pug purse I also found many more pug-related accessories and am sorely tempted.
Not only is there a purse, there is a coin purse, a wash bag, a glasses case and a tote bag. Bring me any of these any day and you'd make me a happy lady.

There are also other animals available in these items which caught my eye too: Owls and Guineapigs. (I've never really liked Guineapigs so much.. I think they are extremely stupid, however having a big Guineapig face on a purse made me laugh so much!)

So there you are. Now you know a little bit about me and my love for pugs and a few other animals. You should definitely check out the site I bought the purse from (for a very cheap price!). It's and from what I can gather it mainly sells gorgeous stuffed animals that any child would love (or that I would love.. ahem.)

So go forth and buy wonderful things from this lovely online shop! :)

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