Thursday, 29 December 2011

Extract 2 from Dissertation - Basso and Brooke Digital Prints

The most famous design company reknowned for using digital print technologies in their work is Basso and Brooke. Bruno Basso, originally from Brazil and Christopher Brooke from the UK have been dubbed the 'pioneers of the digital print process in fashion'1 and earned the prestigious Fashion Fringe Award in 2004 for their 100% digitally printed collection. They have also been awarded the Best New Designer Award at the Elle Style Awards in 2006 and the final piece of their Autumn/Winter 2005 collection is featured in a permanent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.2
Most, if not all, of their print designs are digitally printed, using a range of computerized techniques using an array of filters and effects to create their photographic, kaleidoscope and geometric prints.
Basso and Brookes most recent collection Spring/Summer 2012 had a Siberian theme and induced some beautiful and interesting prints. Palm leaves and tropical florals were introduced in many different colours and scales, integrated with images of water, seabirds, fish scales, feathers, different material textures, gorgeous geometrics filled with gradients and the face of a cat. The use of assymetry and placement prints brought the whole design together when constructed into beautiful, constructed garments.
A press release by Steve Slocombe said of the collection: ''Super-sharpe-end technology and technique: check. Luscious, joyous, riotous colour: check. Sumptuous, elegant tailoring:check. Ultra-modern yet classic wearability: check.”3
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